With APP

The APP connects easily to any wearable device: Smartwatch, Fitness / Heart tracker and others allowing you to memorize all vital parameters and receive a constant update on your physical condition. Furthermore, it integrates artificial intelligence systems to carry out early diagnoses on acquired data.


for HOME

The Box della Salute goes beyond the booth and makes available to the customer self-analysis devices to be used at home that facilitates diagnosis by keeping one’s health under control at any time and promptly transmitting the data to the doctor. In this way, the parent can contact the paediatrician or specialist to receive information on the health of their child by performing basic exams such as auscultation, heart rate and ECG.

  • Blood pressure
  • Oximetry
  • Auscultation
  • ECG
  • Body Composition
  • Cardiac frequency
  • Body temperature
  • Stress levels


Reduction of waiting times at hospital facilities
Increased sense of security by ensuring fast contact with the doctor
Reduction of intervention times in case of danger
Easy and secure access to your health data

*The services indicated may be subject to variations and may require specific authorizations from the governing bodies of each destination country