What services can be performed inside the Box?

All available exams are on the page https://www.boxdellasalute.com/services/

Is it possible to receive a medical consultation?

Yes, thanks to the telemedicine service it is possible to receive an immediate medical consultation remotely.

Can it be used alone or do you need staff?

The Box della Salute has been designed to be used independently. Nevertheless, specialized personnel are always available to assist the customer.

How long does it take to carry out all the exams inside the Box della Salute?

Less than an hour. Each exam takes less than 15 minutes. You can book the services to avoid long waits and be able to carry out medical examinations.

Has it already been tested?

The services provided by Box della Salute have been tested in pharmacies, para pharmacies, companies and medical offices. The software solution has also been used for the management of chronic patients and tested in public and private healthcare environments.

Can the results be printed at the end of the visit?

The customer can decide to print the report with the results or consult it on his digital medical record. Furthermore, thanks to integrated medical decision support systems, the customer will receive immediate feedback on the results obtained.

Are the results authoritative?

Yes, the results are authoritative thanks to the presence of CE certified medical devices and the platform certified as a Class IIa medical device.

What is the difference between Box della Salute and the other health centres?

The Health Box is the only device that integrates three functions: monitoring, consultation and therapy. Also, it provides the customer with self-analysis apps and devices for daily monitoring of vital parameters even at home.

Is privacy guaranteed?

Privacy is guaranteed by the anonymization and encryption of data acquired within the Health Box and stored on our servers that comply with the GDPR.

Who can use the Box?

All. The Health Box can be used by children over the age of 12, accompanied by their parents, up to adults under 95 years of age.

Can the general practitioner have access to the information acquired from the Box della Salute?

Yes. The customer can share the results obtained in the Box and stored in the digital medical record with his doctor.

Where can I find it?

All the places where you can find the Health Box are indicated on the page: https://www.boxdellasalute.com/perche-investire-box-della-salute/