The Box della Salute ® was born from 7 years of research in the health field and from the collaboration of various professionals in the medical, technological and design fields. It is an innovative solution that improves the quality of life of individuals by offering various services for prevention, well-being and body care. Designed for the new places of health, the multi-diagnostic system allows you to keep your vital parameters under control and talk to a specialist at any time.

The services offered allow you to assess your physical condition and to recognize disease conditions early through specific examinations, monitoring and screening. These are delivered via medical devices that are simple to use, reliable and transmit results quickly. The results of the exams are collected in a single medical file and can be consulted anywhere. Other services available are artificial intelligence systems for early diagnosis, voice assistant and home video consultation.


La pressione sanguigna spinge il sangue nel corpo, consegnando tutti i nutrienti di cui ha bisogno.
La pressione sanguigna normale è considerata essere intorno al 60-79 mmHg per la minima e 90-119 mmHg per la massima.
Sotto o sopra questi valori si può andare in contro alcune serie malattie quali l’ictus,
attacco cardiaco, aterosclerosi e aneurisma.

Body composition analysis includes analysis of Lean Mass (Total Water + Bones + Non-Bone Mineral + Protein); Relationship between Lean Mass and Water; Fat mass; Total water. Abnormal values ​​can cause effects on the nervous and cardiovascular system.

The blood tests that can be carried out in the Box are as follows: total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, hematocrit, percentage of red blood cells, percentage of white blood cells and platelets.

Oximetry consists of detecting the percentage of O2 present in the haemoglobin. This procedure is foreseen both in hospital wards and in emergency vehicles as it is a non-invasive technique and is early in recognizing hypoxia and diagnosing oxygen desaturation before serious complications.


Genetic tests help to detect some small variations that can result in disorders of the body following an incorrect diet.

Oxidative Stress means the condition in which the levels of “reactive oxygen species” (ROS) produced exceeds the capacity of the antioxidant system to remove them, causing cellular necrosis and apoptosis. Thanks to the use of pulsed magnetic fields, oxidative stress can be reduced in few sessions.

Jet Lag is a disorder that occurs when crossing various time zones. By increasing the levels of serotonin, stimulating the production through magnetic coils, it is possible observe marked improvements in the psychophysical condition, recovery of the waking sleep and mood, as well as a notable decrease in articular disorders due to long air journeys.

The pain derived from arthritic and arthrosis components, meniscal and capsular lesions, muscle contractures are treated with magnetotherapy programs administered with tip or concentrator electrical in a completely painless and invasive way.


The electrocardiogram is the graphic recording of the activity electric heart. Thanks to the information provided, it is possible to identify disorders such as arrhythmias, heart disease, heart attacks, imbalances e heart valve diseases.

Hearing control allows measuring the capacity for listening. During the test, they will come transmitted sounds different frequencies through headphones and if a is detected hearing loss will be recommended the use of a device most suitable acoustic.

Il test visivo completo offerto dal Box include: astigmatismo, ipermetropia, forie, duocromia, test dei colori, degenerazione maculare legata all’età (DMLA), acuità visiva.
L’esame del campo visivo è essenziale per lo studio di alcune patologie della retina, del nervo ottico e del sistema nervoso centrale.

è un esame preliminare che consente di analizzare i suoni provenienti dal cuore e dai polmoni mediante l’impiego di uno stetoscopio. È utile per comprendere la presenza di diverse malattie, fra cui quelle respiratorie, grazie alla caratteristica dei suoni riscontrati: frequenza, intensità, durata e qualità.



Dermoscopy or skin analysis is a non-invasive technique that allows us to observe sub-cutaneous patterns not visible to the naked eye. Useful for diagnosing skin cancers and other skin lesions.

Examination of the auditory canal and the tympanic membrane allows detecting anomalies, inflammations, malformations and/or pathologies of the middle and external ear.

Trichoscopy or scalp analysis can be used to evaluate seborrhea, dermatitis, desquamations and to diagnose diseases such as alopecia areata and scar tissue from Lupus. The tool used, by storing the images, also allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy and the evolution of disorders.

The study of microcirculation, investigating the capillaries of the hands, allows us to diagnose diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, the Raynaud phenomenon, lupus erythematosus and scleroderma. The equipment used consists of a digital microscope that takes up the area to be examined.

*The services indicated may be subject to variations and may require specific authorizations from the governing bodies of each destination country.



The software platform, certified by the Ministry of Health as a medical device, allows you to view the results acquired by medical devices and compare them with the reference values. Furthermore, it is possible to request the support of a 24/7 operating medical centre consisting of various professionals, guaranteeing their privacy.

  • Cardiologist
  • Sports doctor
  • Pulmonologist
  • Pediatrician
  • Occupational doctor
  • Dermatologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Trichologist
  • Otolaryngology


The technology integrated in the Health Box  consists of a system of “germicidal lamps” which automatically reduces the bacterial deposited on surfaces and in the environment.

In this way, the user enters an environment that is bacterially treated and physically treated without the use of chemicals that are harmful to health. The designed system is highly safe since it comes into action only when there is no person inside the Health Box .